Join me as I share my love affair with scrapbooking... layouts, cards & projects I have on the go.


Come & Create an Album!

Come and create your dream scrapbook with me at the Caboto Centre this fall!

I'll be helping you create your dream scrapbook 1 week at a time. You'll create a 2 page layout every week and by the end of the 10 week session you'll have a wonderful scrapbook of your... wedding, vacation, your little one,  your favourite birthday, your greatest friendship, etc.

Dates: Tuesday, October 4th to Tuesday December 6th, 2011

Time: 7:15 to 9:15 pm

Fee:  $95 (payable to the centre)
         $45 (payable to instructor {me} at the first class)

I hope to see you there!
Happy Scrappin'


back from holidays...


I'm back from holidays, and ready to start refreshing my business. For those of you who follow, yep it's that time of the year again; I do this once a year. I take stock of what I've done, sort through what works and what doesn't and then present something new for the fall.

I'll be meeting with a friend of mine from Digital Relay ; who will be helping me out with my Web Presence and hopefully help me use my time more effectively when publishing online. Until then, here are a few cards I've been working on:

I'll be finishing up my travel journal; which I had so much fun working on this summer, and I'll have some pictures for you by the end of the week.

Happy Scrappin',


Camping Adventure... I'm ready for you!


So I'm ready to record all of my memories for it... but that's just as important as being in the moment and having all the necessary living items like tent, sleeping bags, cooler, food and so on... :)

Here are those pics I promised, of my travel box:

{various stickers, journal cutouts, adhesive, ink, stamps, paper, markers, scissors
and writing pad to journal;which is the most important to me}

{As you've already seen: my album, simple paper cutter; which fit in the box,
and my very,very,very old label maker with some wood grain label rolls}

I really enjoy these 12x12 clear boxes as they are so much easier to stack & label in my scrapbook room; which is currently a disasterous, but usable space.  They are always on sale at Michael's and  they fit a lot of items. My album does not fit in it with all of items I am taking, but everything else does. :)

I was having such a good time getting these things together and making my album cover that I had some time to make my title page for this album. It's simple, but it'll work with any picture I pick from the lot at the end of our adventure.

Happy Scrappin',


Found it!

 Happy August Long Weekend!

Hi there,
How are your holidays going? Mine are going just fine & I'm thoroughly enjoying them. My sister-in-law is getting married next weekend and then we're off for a couple of weeks to Banff; I cannot wait! We haven't gone on a holiday since we started these renos and we need to get out of town... FAST!

We're going camping and one of my favourite pastimes while traveling is journalling {&of course some scrapbooking} ; it really helps in adding those memorable details when scrapbooking months... even years from the date of travel. {I have several albums/projects on the go}

My Portugal album has benfitted a lot from my journal & so has my Vegas album; they're done now & I'll have some pics of those in the coming months.

Well anyways, I found it... and it was on SALE!!!!!
 It's the perfect travel journal & scrapbook combined for this year's camping adventure...

It's a K & Company "Que Sera, Sera" Binder Album with 5 pockets and 10 page protectors... Absolutely Perfect!

{8x10 horizontal}

{pages & pockets- for all of the little pieces I pick up & to pre-make my layouts}

{pocktes are large 8x8 size - perfect for those postcards & maps I like to embellish}

{BEST PART - binder rings & 2 " height for LOTS of stuff! - I'm a serious travel collector!}

Here's what it looks like now...

{Customized the front & back cover with paper I had on hand
& embellishments I've been buying the past few days...
it's so much fun to start a new project!}

{close up of my title... used an old ~ really old~ label maker}

I'll show you my travel box tomorrow once I figure out what exactly is going in it with me... I mean us on our trip! :)

I also had some fun with friend last week and here are the layouts I created of some summer fun last year...

Happy scrappin'


simple layouts...

Here are the layouts I created during the Mom's Scrap Club on the 25th of June:

I hope you enjoy your summer...